Bulletin Board

Dear Residents of Traditions at Old Carolina,

We would like to welcome our new residents and remind the community about several issues that have come up regarding your responsibilities and ours as the Board and Architectural Review Committee.

Purchasing a home in a community like ours which has Covenants, Conditions and Rules (CCR’s) means there are rules that need to be followed and the Board’s job is to enforce those rules to maintain community standards. There are fines for not following the process delineated by the CCR’s and the ARC guidelines.
We are not wanting to levy these fines, but are obligated to carry out our responsibilities under the Bylaws.

This is not an exhaustive list but merely some of the ones that have repeatedly come to light:

Any tree removals or clearing must be approved by the ARC and may require Beaufort County permits.

Landscaping projects that change or alter the existing landscape must be approved by the ARC.

Changes to color of doors, shutters or homes must be approved.

Any porches, structures or additions must be approved by the ARC.

Please see the website https://traditionsoc.com/community-documents/ for ARC applications or contact Sentry Management, our management company, for forms and to make the $35 ARC application payments.  If you are unsure whether your project needs approval or you have any questions, click on the link How to Contact Sentry Management for more information.

The Sentry office is located at 132 Bluffton Rd., Ste. 200, Bluffton, SC, 29910.  If you need to see a Sentry representative in person, call or email them first to confirm their availability during your visit to their office.

NEW POOL GUEST POLICY: The board passed on 7/21/15 a new pool guest policy. Guests are limited to 8 or less. Should you need to seek permission for a larger group contact Sentry Management for Board approval.

Board meetings are held in the Clubhouse located next to the community pool in Phase 1.

Residents are reminded that there are regulations and covenants covering motor vehicles in our community. Most importantly, there is NO on-street parking at night;  motor vehicles must be parked on paved surfaces at all times and vehicles with commercial signage are prohibited unless parked in the garage. Fines will be levied for violations. See Community Standards under our document section.

Fencing standards for homes have been approved. Only open fencing is permitted. Maximum fence height is 4’ above grade.  It must be black in color.  Wood, wire, chain link or plastic PVC fences are not allowed.  Fences are allowed only in rear yards and side yards and must be constructed on the property line or within 4” thereto.  A plat plan showing the location of the fence on your property along with photos of the proposed fencing are required for ARC approval.(Amended and approved by the Traditions HOA Board 01/27/15)

Outside burning of trash, leaves, landscape debris, debris or other materials is prohibited. Recreational fires are permitted providing burning materials cannot be rubbish, trash, or landscape debris, or debris.  A recreational fire total fuel area can be no larger than 3 feet in diameter and two feet in height in an approved container in the rear yard. (RR Sec 2 (g)   (Amended and Approved by Traditions Board of Directors)